17 April

A hacker who has been gaining unauthorized access to various webpages and data systems in Nepal has also launched a cyberattack on the .NP domain. The hacker has already installed it on the NP server managed by Mercantile Communications Pvt.
It is estimated that the hacker has access to the NP domain by bringing out the personal details of the customer from Foodmandu and Vinet. The handle on Satan’s name was pointed out on Twitter as a security weakness in the NP domain. The hacker then attacked the NP’s server and accessed it, the company said.
According to a statement issued by the company, there was an attempt to attack the security system of the company at around 10.37 pm on Monday night. The company said it was using additional security systems to prevent the attack. For this, information has now been given to NP Domir to stop registering a new website.

The company has requested that the hacker not make any security-related data stolen from the server. Mercantile has also requested to not do any additional damage to the system. The company, which has been managing the NP domain for over 26 years, has been providing services to over 83,000 personal and business companies.

Information given by hacker on Twitter after having access to .np server

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