20 April

163-meter penstock pipe remaining in a vertical tunnel
The Coronavirus, which is the epidemic worldwide, more then 30% of the world’s population is in Lockdown. this is also applicable in Nepal to prevent a possible pandemic of the coronavirus. Amid the fears of Corona, the work on the 456MW Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Project, which is under construction at the, is going on without any Interruption by using the necessary protective mythologies.
The goal is to complete the project by next June. However, the schedule has been affected by various problems. About one thousand workers and staff have been deployed in the project management and contractor companies and construction of the project in Gongar in Dolakha. Prior to the lockdown, only workers and staff at the project site have been involved and work is being done by taking protective measures.
During the lockdown, the project is being worked out in coordination with the local villagers, the administration.

However, the project construction could be affected due to problems in transportation of construction materials, said Kulman Ghising, executive director of Nepal Electricity Authority.
“There is a lack of some urgent chemicals including cement, some equipment has to be brought from India and even the ongoing lockdown has stopped the production of equipment at the factory,” he said.

Technical testing of the water dam in the dam, intake, and reservoir of the project has already been successfully completed in the past. All the equipment of the power plant is connected and ready. Construction of three towers of the transmission line and the towing of 5 km has been completed.
Due to the catastrophic earthquake of 2072 and the damage and obstruction caused by the aftermath and floodwaters, the Madhes agitation caused a delay in construction of the project due to the problem of transportation of construction materials and supply of fuel, change of design, the poor performance of hydromechanical (Lot 2) contractor.

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