“Freedom Kit Bags”(FKB) is a UK based charity organization supporting Nepal since 2017.
Dr Rosa Matheson, Dr Ian Matheson and Mr Brian Mildenhall lead the organization. This organization closely works with Health Partnership Nepal (HPN).  Mrs Anne Fisher and  Mrs Hanna-Gael Darney, are the key team members who run the organization. Exodus Travels Foundation, London, UK, Health Partnership Nepal (HPN), Reshma Ranjit Mam, Mr Prakash Lamichhane, and Dr Archana KC of Friends of Nepal Education Society are key partners of the charity.

Fig- Dr Archana, Mr Brian, Dr Rosa and Dr Ian (Left to right)

Freedom Kit Bags Ambassadors are Nirmal Shrestha, Sumi Shrestha, Diku Tamang, Sabitaa Tamang, Suprince Kasaju  and Iman Singh Muktan  who deliver the programs within Nepal.
A Freedom Kit Bag contains eco-friendly sustainable hygienic sanitary wear and ‘kit’ in a bag to get a woman/girl through her period with confidence, in comfort and cleanliness. This releases women from the cultural and physical constraints of the menstruation. It enhances their health, gives liberty of movement, allows uninterrupted education and offers empowerment. A complete FKB contains 3 pad holders, 12 pads, and 6 inserts, 1 carrying purse, 1 aqua-breathe wet bag, 1 aqua breathe soap bag and soap, 1 string and pegs. This kit is designed to improve the quality of life of menstruating women.

They have distributed more than 10,000 FKBs  including vulnerable women group of different communities of Nepal. They have covered far western districts (Achham, Bardia, Dadeldhura, Nepalgunj), Sindhupalchok, Dolakha, Solukhumbu, Makwanpur, Gorkha .

Fig: FKB distribution in Charikot PHC in 2018.

Along with the FKB, the team lead by Nirmala, give teaching on sexual health and menstrual hygiene, as well as how to use  and care for their Kit Bags properly . Their support was very humbling during and after earthquake of 2015 and recent flood in Sindhupalchok.

With the use of FKB in 2018, as a principal investigator, Dr Binod Dangal (Hospital In-charge) of Charikot Hospital has conducted a mixed study of 40 women of Dolakha and the research concluded that FKB has really improved women’s quality of life. Main advantages of FKB use were less smell, less urinary symptoms during night or walk, protection from local discomfort or rashes, better symptom control, easy to wear and change.  Most of them recommended for its further use.

Deputy Mayer of Bhimeshowr,  Municipality of Dolakha  Ms Kamala Basnet used FKB since  2 years ago and she has found it extremely useful. She encouraged others to use it and she thanked FKB during inauguration of FKB distribution program which was organized in Charikot Hospital on July 28th, 2021. This time Nirmala, the team lead of the distribution, distributed 100 FKBs to vulnerable women of Dolakha and 100 to post-partum mothers who delivered babies at Charikot Hospital.

Dr Dangal and Charikot Hospital team, thank FKB for huge contribution to Nepal during crisis and pandemic situations.

Fig- Thank you FKB
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