8 April

Hackers are active within the Corona outbreak, specialists united around the world
The world is now suffering from the epidemic of the coronavirus. Cybercriminals became active by seizing the prospect of a Corona crisis. There are a growing number of cases of hacking of Internet users online and theft of knowledge through persistent Corona fake messages and weblinks.
In the midst of the crisis, cyber scientists from around the world have united within the fight against hackers, with hackers suddenly active. About 400 volunteers from around the world have started collaborating on cybersecurity.
Cybersecurity experts formed a gaggle Wednesday to fight to hack associated with the Noble Coronavirus.
The group, called the COVID-19 League, is comprised of volunteers from six countries around the world.
Including experts working in senior positions at large companies like Microsoft and Amazon.
According to Mark Rogers, one in all four managers within the group, cyber-attack hackers are going to be the primary target to tackle medical facilities and other essential content associated with the Corona pandemic.
While many of the world’s peoples are now performing from home online. According to him, hacker attempts by cybercriminals to harass Corona are unprecedented and that they have enticed users into sending messages whenever and in every language.

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