8 April,

The Bajrayogini Jatra of Sankhu, which started in the year of Nepal Sambat 680 had not been prevented by any epidemic and natural disasters before.
But this year the Bajrayogini’s Jatra is affected. The Jatra believed to have started from the time of the late King Mahendra Malla, was confined to formality. The reason was the formula for ‘social distance’ to avoid the coronavirus (COVID-49). There is no reason to stop this Jatra other than the social distance formula.
Likewise, the Bisket Jatra, which is celebrated on the 5th Baisakh, will be limited to formalities this year. Bisket Jatra has been formally started from March 8 due to coronavirus.

Pashupatinath Temple src:web

In Pashupatinath temple, there were three types of special worship. It’s all closed down now. The government has banned gathering in public. There are no ordinary worshipers at Pashupati, as the lockdown has prevented them from moving outside. The Ganga Aarti, which is to be used by the Pashupati’s predecessor, is now done by only one person.

The sindoor jatra being celebrated in Thimi is stopped. pnachare Jatra in Kathmandu has also been stopped. Similarly, the Jatra of Balaju Baisdhara, which celebrates on Wednesday, has also been stopped.

Even more, affected abroad
The impact of social distance is not only on Nepal.
As there are many festivals in Nepal, cultural culture seems to have been disrupted in Nepal.
However, its impact abroad has not diminished. Many cultures abroad have changed.

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