The number of corona cases in India reached 52,987 on Wednesday. The rate of infection has been the fastest in the last three days. As of Sunday, the number of infected was 42,505 just in three days.
Earlier, it took 75 days for the first corona infection to spread to 10,000 people in India. Similarly, only 50 people were killed in the first 62 days of the corona. However, 92 people died on the same day on Wednesday. A total of 1785 people have lost their lives so far. Similarly, 15,331 have been cured.
Corona infection was first detected in Kerala on January 30 in India. On April 13, 75 days later, the number of infected had reached 10,000. In the next eight days, that is, by April 21, the number of patients increased by 10,000 to 20,000.
The Indian government has claimed that the spread of the infection has been largely stopped due to the lockdown. As of March 24, the number of infected was 571. From March 25, Lakdaun was introduced in India. Meanwhile, corona outbreaks were confirmed in 49,423 people. Experts have warned that millions of corona could spread in India if precautionary measures are not taken in time.

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