10 April

The longest chariot rally in Lalitpur has been postponed.

The Guthi Institute and Jyapu Samaj Yal informed that the chariot construction work was postponed starting on Friday.

On Thursday, the construction of the chariot was to be started from Friday by bathing Machindranath.

But due to the unforeseen circumstances caused by the epidemic of the Corona virus (Covid-19), the chariot’s foundation and construction were halted.

According to a statement issued by the Guthi Institute and the Jyapu Society, it was decided to start pardoning the chariot immediately after the construction of the chariot.

Until Thursday, the day before the foundation of the chariot of Hamoki, there was confusion about whether or not to make a chariot.

The Red Machindranath Rath Yatra, which has been in operation since Lichchivi period, is considered to be the longest Jatra in Nepal. It is customary to start a Rath Yatra from the day of Vaishnav Shukla’s Pratapada in the Jatra, which starts with the Pashpada of Baishakh Krishna.

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