17 April

Service providers have been instructed to do not terminate the Internet service even if service charge is not paid during the lockdown period.
Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) had complained that some internet service providers had blocked service due to non-payment of timely fees due to the need to keep up with essential services in the current crisis situation.
NEA has urged the public to arrange for payment through online as much as possible, as the service interruption will have a negative impact on the public as it is unable to pay internet service charges during lockdown.
The information has been issued by issuing a notice directing the telecommunication authority service provider to arrange payment without delay charges after lockdown period so that the internet service of the customers unable to make such payment will continue to operate.
Internet usage has increased dramatically in the recent days. At this time, service providers have complained that there is a problem with paying the fees charged by purchasing Internet from India. However, consumers are having problems with payment of service charges as they are kept indoors.

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