10 April

Worldwide, the death toll from the Coronavirus (COVID-29) has exceeded 95,000. According to data from worldometer, the death toll so far has risen to 95,722

The virus has so far caused the highest death toll in Italy, at 18,279. Likewise, America has come in second place in the country with the most deaths. The United States has so far died of the virus in the United States, with 16,691. Likewise, the death toll in Spain has risen to 15,447, while in France there have been 12,210 deaths.

Screenshot from worldmeter

Worldwide, the number of people infected with the corona virus has reached more then a million. According to statistics so far, more than 1,603,719 people worldwide have been infected with the virus.

The US is at the forefront of the number of infected. In the US, more than 468,566 infections have been detected so far due to the virus. Similarly, the number of infected in Spain has exceeded 150,000, while in Italy the number has exceeded 140,000.

The most infected have been cured in China. So far, more than 77,455 infected people have been cured in China. In Spain, more than 52,165 infected have been cured. In Germany, the number of infected people has reached more than 118,235.

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