15 April

The United States has decided to stop providing financial support to the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO has favored China during the Corona virus epidemic and said it was “unsatisfactory” that the US had stopped cooperating with it.
In a regular press briefing, US President Donald Trump said, ‘The role of the WHO has been reviewed, but has failed to work effectively. So I have instructed my administration to stop providing support to the WHO. ‘

Trump accused the WHO of favoring China and inaccurately reporting the Corona virus. Trump blames many for the coroner virus worldwide because of the WHO’s mistake. He said the WHO should take responsibility.
WHO is a UN agency. America is the only major donor nation. Last year, the US provided $ 400 million to the WHO. That’s about 5 percent of WHO’s total budget.
The United States is the country most affected by the Corona virus. Infection has been confirmed in the United States of 613,886 infections, and 26,047 have died till now.
Earlier, the US had criticized the WHO’s role as unsatisfactory. The WHO then responded that the Corona virus epidemic should not be politicized.
He said, “If the WHO had sent medical experts to China and made the real situation public by evaluating the terrestrial reality, many lives could have been saved and could have saved the world from financial loss.” Instead, the WHO defended the work of the Chinese government. ‘
Trump accused the WHO of not adequately assessing the outbreak when the Corona virus infection began in China’s Wuhan city.

Earlier, Trump praised China for its good control of the Coronavirus. He even phoned President Xi Chinfing and thanked him.

Many described the telephone talks as a sign of improving relations between the US and China

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